The Photography of Claude Steelman

Claude Steelman - Wildlife and outdoor photographer

Claude Steelman’s love for the outdoors led him to a career in nature photography. For the past forty years he has traveled from the Arctic to the central American rainforest capturing the beauty of nature on film.
After studying wildlife biology during his college years Claude began to document wild things and wild places through his camera lens. From his home base in Colorado, Claude ventured in all directions, spending time in the vast Alaskan interior, the sawgrass marshes of the Everglades, and on the waters of Puget Sound. Along the way he spent countless hours in inhospitable terrain to photograph animals in their wild habitat, including mustangs, grizzly bears, and wolves. Claude’s patience has given us a window into the world of many species, including bald eagles, polar bears, and orca whales.
Claude’s images have been published in hundreds of publications worldwide, and three of his photographs grace the tails of Frontier Airline’s planes. Claude’s five books are a testament to years of living in the wild. His book on mustangs, Colorado’s Wild Horses, won the prestigious Mountain and Plains Independent Bookseller’s award.
For several years Claude teamed with renowned wildlife filmmaker, Dieter Plage, to make nature documentaries for the British film company, Survival Anglia. Claude then went on to make several wildlife documentaries on his own. His cinematography has been featured on The Discovery Channel, PBS, and The National Geographic Channel.
Today Claude continues to explore nature’s rugged beauty in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado, near his home in Durango.
All wildlife photographs on the website were taken in the wild, depicting wild and free ranging animals.

Claude Showing Off